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PTS Japan Position

PTS Japan is looking for a wide range of human resources with diverse backgrounds and experience. In order to accurately grasp and respond to changing customer needs, we need proactive human resources who can find and solve problems on their own.
We are always looking for people who can think flexibly and think and execute from a broad perspective in a changing society and environment, and we always welcome people who fit our business model.
Bring us your experience, skills and motivation and you will be rewarded by being engaged in projects and assignments within our multiple sectors’ clients, developping your business understanding. Internal career path could lead you to become an SME (Subject Matter Expert) and/or joining our Management Team within a few years.
PTS Japan staff Visions are,
Team Work
Those Values will be developed together after you join PTS Japan.

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Other Company Position

PTS Japan provides One for All to all candidates who have applied for it, which sets it apart from major agents.

One consultant is in charge of introducing projects to registrants, recommending them to companies, and supporting the selection process. It will be possible to directly inform the registrants of the characteristics of the company other than the job vacancies, the detailed recruitment background of the position, and the interview measures.

Basically, we visit all the companies to be introduced, grasp the details of company information and job information, and introduce them to candidates.

The following is the service content for those who have registered with us. We look forward to your registration.

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Our Recruiting Approach

Providing multiple interviews, supplemented by accurate testing and strict skills’ evaluation is also beneficial to the candidates willing to join our company. You need to understand our business approach, delivery challenges and corporate vision before joining our teams in challenging projects.

For the Company who interests in Value Resource

We fully understand your company’s needs and seeds, and propose human services suitable for them.