Our Team


Research, opinion, thought leadership and cutting-edge insight

We are Technology Enthusiasts; Digital Architects; Data Centre Experts; Project Managers; Designers; Advisors; Innovators. Our Team will collaborate with you to fulfil your dream together.


IT Transformation

The IT Transformation team has a extensive of bilingual consultants and project managers with a wide range of technical knowledge, industry experience, and commercial insights not only in IT infrastructure portion but also in the field of construction and facility, such as new office construction, corporate relocation and data center. We are a professional group that provides full support from planning to implementation and project management.

Applied Audio Visual

Uniquely positioned in the Japan AV industry, we are pursuing excellence through professional resourcing and state-of–the-art audiovisual system design, while concentrating on business areas where we have a competitive edge, leveraging our multi-lingal ability with knowing its culture background. We stay continually well-informed of emerging technologies to provide invaluable input on current and future system designs that can improve the business environment.

Innovative IT Service

We have a team of multi-national, bilingual IT engineers who aim to provide support beyond the usual Japanese and English support.
Strengthened communication between our IT engineering team and our customers, we provide a wide range of services from on-site support by our engineers to remote hands-on support in collaboration with or led by the Headquarter IT department.
We advise our clients on how to improve their internal networks and IT support environments, and use our language skills and expertise to help them shift to digital operations.

Work Place Solution

Even on demanding projects, our experienced bilingual Real Estate Project Management and Facility Management teams deliver the best results to our customers. Effective use of technology is essential in an environment where remote work and office work are fused. PTS Japan is one of the few that can offer solutions from both real estate and technology.

Digital Innovation

Shift to Digital is disruptively tranforming every industry. Driving the change is the only way to not get lost in the inevitable turmoil. As a trusted advisor and change catalyst, we navigate your digitalization journey with our practical hands-on expertise.


Finding new talents with the required skills and experience is even harder than ever, within the current business environment. Our team of recruiting experts will provide adequate candidates through screening and interviews with our in-house consultants first, to avoid clogging your interview schedule with un-appropriate talents to your needs.